Podcast Seventy

This podcast is made up of the songs left out of the Music To Pray By album "My Father in Heaven", which is coming very soon. This is the first podcast recorded on the new Yamaha DC7XE3 Grand Piano talked about here as well as all new mics and pre-amps. I believe it...

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Another Album Update

So much has happened since I last posted an update! Here are the highlights: Alex, the one who designed the Music to Pray By website is in the process of creating the album artwork. We had a number discussions about the album theme and title and concluded that there...

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Matthew 26:40 – Album Update

Life certainly goes by fast. I can't believe this is my first update this year! I know many of you are ready for another Podcast as my last post was over a year ago, but after establishing a really good recording and mix for Podcast 70 on the new piano, I came to...

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