The first recording ended up being a mess for some reason. I figured it was a bug with the limiter so I upgraded the firmware on the new R-09HR and turned the limiter off. I recorded another 30 minutes which ended up being a mess as well due to all of the settings being restored to factory defaults. The third recording went okay, but I don’t think it sounds like it should partly because of all the background noise. At one point you can hear my iPhone get a text and it was upstairs in the theater room. When it went off, it sounded like it was sitting next to the recorder. I guess I still have some learning to do with this new recorder, but I made some good progress the past couple of days. Also, I think my piano is starting to get out of tune which doesn’t help matters any. All that aside, this podcast should definitely suffice for some good prayer time which is what this is all about anyway. This podcast is all original – I used some worship songs the first couple of passes, but ended up leaving them out the third time. God bless!