Wow – another day of problems, but at least there is a podcast to post this time. I’ve never had anybody come to the door and ring the doorbell while I was recording, but that happened today. I hope I wasn’t too rude to the visitor dropping off cookie dough that Yoko bought from her for a fundraiser. Also, the batteries in my audio recorder died before I was done so this week is a little short again – a little less than 2 minutes shy of the 30 minutes I normally try to do. It would have been a little longer if the batteries would have lasted just a few more minutes. Because of this, the ending is cut short pretty abruptly – my appologies. From now on I won’t trust the battery indicator on that thing and just swap out the batteries every month. One day I will have thought of everything and will post a perfect podcast every week! Um… well… actually… probably not, but it’s worth a shot. God bless!